The Complete Solution for the Utility Mobile Workforce

Clevest provides software for mobile workforce management and smart grid operations exclusively electric, gas and water utilities. We are specialists in transforming utility field operations by rapidly automating and optimizing any field work activity or process to improve response time and effectiveness.

Clevest Mobile Workforce Management Clevest Mobile Workforce Management
Automate any utility field work activity
 Clevest GPS-enabled AVL Clevest Automatic Vehicle Location
Real-time visibility into your field operations
 Clevest Smart Grid Deployment and Support Clevest Smart Grid Operations & Maintenance
Manage the smart grid life cycle
 Clevest Meter Reading Clevest Meter Reading
Enables a bridge between AMI and AMR on a single mobile platform
 Clevest Asset Investment Planning Clevest Asset Investment Planning
Optimize investment decisions
  • Clevest has proven to be a reliable meter reading solution. The customer service and technical support is second to none.

  • We were confident that Clevest would help us effectively manage our AMI project and consistently capture the huge volumes of data it involves.

  • More accurate field operations data and more reliable communications mean we can deliver our services more efficiently and effectively to our members.

    Covington Electric
  • We can respond more quickly and safely to outages by leveraging the proven integration between Clevest’s AVL solution and our OMS.

  • With the seamless integration to our OMS we’re now able to know with certainty that we are safely re‐energizing lines after an outage without having to make a series of calls to determine the location of crews.

  • We didn’t have to change how we ran the business to realize incredible gains in field productivity and crew safety from the Clevest solution.

  • With Clevest Mutual Aid we’ll be able to view and manage shared resources directly from a map view, greatly enhancing our efforts to restore power safely and efficiently during emergencies.

    Dairyland Power Cooperative
  • We liked the Clevest AVL product because it’s specifically for the utility industry, it’s accessible from the convenience of a browser and it’s highly configurable.

    Connexus Energy
  • Clevest AVL allows us to know exactly where our line vehicles are in real time – this is a great help to our operations both in routine times and especially during outages.

  • We selected Clevest based on its track record of over 50 AMI projects and on its endorsement from the NRTC, and we’re pleased that our own successful implementation has validated the investment.

  • We chose Clevest because they offered the most flexible system. We could get the solutions to meet our needs today and know that we can easily expand to meet our additional needs in the future.

    Cuivre River Electric
  • Clevest’s meter exchange and AVL solutions have delivered significant value to our field operations and, in turn, our members. We’ve also been impressed at the interoperability of the Clevest suite.

  • With Clevest AVL we now have full visibility into the location and activities of our vehicles, and wireless communication lets us better connect and coordinate the field and office.

  • The Genesis configuration tool is incredibly easy-to-use and allows for tremendous flexibility in adapting the solution to reflect our needs. It really is an excellent tool.

    Covington Electric
  • Clevest allowed us to manage customer interactions effectively during the AMI deployment. Any time a dispute occurred, having digital photos of the job changed the whole discussion.

  • With Clevest’s MWFM we now have paperless workflow between dispatch and crews, an 80-90% reduction in daily radio traffic/voice calls, and work completed without any manual interaction in the field or office.

  • In addition to increasing the efficiency in engineering and operations, we are also realizing benefits in customer service and billing by reducing the errors and costs from inaccurate and missing data.

    Cuivre River Electric
  • Having a combined AVL and MWFM solution was another driver behind replacing our legacy technology. The proven integration between Clevest’s applications pointed us in their direction.

    Connexus Energy
  • With Clevest, we now have a single mobile solution that unifies our enterprise applications suite to support all types of utility field work, from outage tickets to the full range of service work we perform.

  • With the Clevest solution, we are lowering fuel consumption, better controlling vehicle maintenance, repair and operating costs, enhancing driver productivity, and providing a safer working environment.

  • As we’ve seen new opportunities come up, we’ve been able to cast a wider net and easily expand the Clevest system to handle different types of orders.

    Connexus Energy
  • The Clevest technical support is first rate – very knowledgeable and able to deal with issues directly and persevering until everything worked to our complete satisfaction.

  • We previously rolled out Clevest AVL for better visibility into our field operations. When we were ready to upgrade our meter infrastructure, we turned to Clevest again.

  • We pushed the envelope in the AVL/GPS world with our requirements and Clevest rose to the challenge.

  • Clevest has made our meter replacement easier. The solution helps us reduce errors, which allows us to deliver more reliable services to our members, and helps us lower our operating costs.

  • Clevest is a world leader in smart meter deployment software, providing important and timely information to keep us on schedule, safe and confident in the security of data.

  • Through the seamless integration of Clevest’s solution with our other systems, we’ve been able to increase efficiency in field operations and improve customer service to serve our members.

    Blue Grass Energy
  • Having a combined AVL/MWFM solution was another driver behind replacing our legacy technology. The proven integration between Clevest’s applications pointed us in their direction.

    Connexus Energy

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