Webinar review: Learn how to get the most from your Clevest AVL system

Even long-time users can benefit from a refresher!

We recently hosted a live training webinar on our Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution where product experts ran Clevest customers through questions we frequently get asked, and demonstrated tips and tricks to help improve their experience.

An AVL system provides vehicle location and event data in real time – which has been proven valuable in situations like post-incident reporting. Our webinar poll showed 50% of the attendees are using post-incident reports to investigate employee driving behaviors.

With safety being a top concern for many utilities, we demonstrated how office staff can easily create geofences to alert them when vehicles drive into potentially dangerous situations. Geofences can be applied to all employees or a single employee to help keep them safe.

The use of business intelligence reports can also give utilities the ability to track their vehicles, giving them engine diagnostic information as well as detailed data on distance travelled, operating time, driving time, idling time and more.

Link everything together with the AVL Supervisor app and utilities have the ability to improve efficiency of fleet operations, reduce vehicle and driver downtime, and increase worker safety both in the office and remotely. We demonstrated how AVL provides utility dispatchers, field supervisors, and fleet managers with a vantage view of fleet operations – along with geospatial insight and intelligence.

Finally, the webinar provided tips on how to deal with the looming LTE changeover (driven by the impending CDMA network deactivation). Our product experts reviewed the wide range of replacement gateways available and the features – such as remote vehicle diagnostics or plug-and-play operation – that each gateway supports.

If you missed our webinar and want to see how you can successfully use Clevest AVL both in day-to-day activities and during emergencies, request a demo and a member of our team will run you through our feature capabilities.

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