Utilities are migrating to real-time geolocation tracking and monitoring for vehicles and workers

Utility organizations are dynamic. At any time, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of workers and vehicles in the field. Keeping track of all these moving pieces is difficult, but failure to do so can result in fleet maintenance issues, regulatory non-compliance, impacts to corporate liability, and most importantly – the safety of your workers.

Clevest has seen a migration of IOU, public, cooperative, and municipal utilities to our Location Solutions product to obtain real-time geolocation tracking and monitoring for their vehicles (AVL) and workers in the field. This innovative technology allows them to know with certainty where their assets are, where they’ve been, and how their fleet is being operated.

Top reasons for migrating to Clevest Location Solutions

1. Easy installation and deployment

2. Driver/vehicle inspection reports

3. Electric vehicle capabilities

4. Driver behavior reports

5. Reliable hardware


Some of our new Location Solutions customers include:



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