Release 5.3 of Clevest Mobile Workforce Management for Utilities is Now Available

Delivers smartphone capabilities to effectively manage contractors and borrowed crews, along with significant user interface improvements

B-Samsung-Galaxy-S7_WB-MapClevest has released the latest version of its Mobile Workforce Management solution for utilities.

Release 5.3 includes support for smartphones in the award-winning WorkBook mobile app, allowing Clevest to provide its software solutions on all types of devices on Windows, iOS or Android operating systems.

Utility supervisors in particular will benefit from using WorkBook on smartphones to effectively manage their contractors and borrowed crews – which is essential in emergency situations.

Release 5.3 also delivers significant user interface enhancements in both WorkBook and the company’s WorkSpace office app. The 5.3 user experience includes special indicators and configurable order icons, saving and sharing of WorkSpace views, free-text search, color-coded geofences and in-row editing of grid repeatables. These highly usable features will improve the productivity and efficiency of both field and office utility workers.

We continue to benefit from the invaluable customer and market feedback we receive. Our latest Mobile Workforce Management was developed from this feedback and will increasingly solve utilities’ operational challenges in a demanding environment where they are consistently forced to do more with less.

Release highlights

  • WorkBook mobile app on Android smartphones helps utilities needing lower cost hardware support and improved management of contractors
  • Free text search for GIS assets in both the WorkBook mobile app and WorkSpace office app helps users respond effectively to emergencies and⁄or create work orders from GIS assets; and workers in the field can get optimized routes to searched GIS locations
  • Free text search for locations in both WorkBook and WorkSpace helps users quickly locate their work locations by address or lat⁄long; and workers in the field can get optimized routes to searched locations
  • Free text search in WorkSpace for orders, vehicles and workers helps office users quickly respond to customer queries and respond to emergencies
  • Consistency in WorkSpace views (filter, sort, columns), consistency in map pop-ups, and the ability to share filtered views other dispatchers helps improve the efficiency and productivity of office users and reduces training time
  • Support for color-coded geofences helps dispatchers and supervisors easily visualize different geofence types for improved location awareness
  • Support for special indicators and order icons configurable by job code in both WorkBook and WorkSpace apps improves situational awareness for both field and office users

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