Looking for optimized scheduling for utilities?

If you’re looking for optimized scheduling for utilities to assign work to the right crews, at the right time, and at the right location – you’ve come to the right place!


Optimized scheduling for utilities

Clevest Enterprise Scheduling for energy and water utilities empowers dispatchers and schedulers to optimally assign work to the right crews, at the right time, and at the right location – maximizing the overall productivity of field operations while improving customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Designed specifically for utilities, Clevest Enterprise Scheduling is based on industry best practices to solve real-world challenges inherent with the management of crews with diverse skillsets – spread over large service territories – along with dynamic changes in field operations.

Why Clevest Enterprise Scheduling?

Clevest Enterprise Scheduling for UtilitiesUnlike traditional scheduling systems that are based on predefined rules and parameters, are over-reliant on server-based batch processing, and provide no visual feedback to users, Clevest gives you optimized scheduling in an award-winning user interface with a full suite of interactive tools. It brings scheduling out of the back room and onto the desktop of schedulers and dispatchers!

The highly flexible scheduling engine supports both overnight batch-processing of routine work as well as an interactive mode, enabling utilities to respond effectively to unplanned and emergency scenarios.

Gantt-style scheduling views, along with shift assignment timeline and crew timeline views, let users visualize assigned orders and the results of scheduling runs using Clevest’s browser-based WorkSpace (office) application. The scheduling sandbox lets users perform “what if” simulations, while scenario-based scheduling allows scheduling rules to be defined to handle unique circumstances (such as storms, overtime, outages, and year-end field activities).

Benefits of Clevest Enterprise Scheduling include:

  • Reduce operational costs by reducing unnecessary truck rolls, minimizing expensive overtime, and reducing non-productive idle times of your workforce by automatically assigning the right crews, with the right skills, and with the right equipment to a job
  • Improve customer satisfaction by honoring customer appointments, reducing appointment windows, and avoiding missed appointments by booking appointments with precision based on your workforce’s actual capacity and real travel time between customer appointments
  • Optimize productivity by assigning routine work automatically, freeing up key resources to deal with complex and priority work
  • Get priority orders into the field quickly with no need to wait for slow overnight batch processes to complete, and use powerful interactive tools to redistribute priority work during the day as needed
  • Respond effectively to emergencies with preconfigured scheduling types, using smart algorithms based on real-world operational scenarios, and guide dispatchers and schedulers to quickly respond to emergencies (such as large-scale outages and storms)
  • Reduce wasteful travel time by boosting the productivity of your crews, and minimize travel time, by automatically scheduling work based on actual road network and real travel time between orders for your entire field force

Features of Clevest Enterprise Scheduling system include:

  • Highly intuitive user interface with rich geospatial integration sets new industry standards for usability, functionality, and presentation of information
  • Empowers office users with real-time visibility into field operations
  • Interoperable views of field operations including orders, crews, workers, vehicles, maps, alerts, and safety timers browser-based application for office users
  • Special indicators on dispatch for orders (e.g., emergency, caution, priority, life support)
  • Work interactively with multiple panels simultaneously drag-and-drop functionality with integrated map and work panels
  • Advanced filtering options for a highly personalized view of order information location and order geofences for enhanced worker safety
  • Powerful “show on map” feature for orders, workers, vehicles, safety timers, and alerts
  • Safety timers alert users when a mobile worker engages in a potentially dangerous field activity
  • Alerts dashboard provides a dynamic yet unobtrusive view of color-coded alerts
  • Summary snapshots provide a dashboard view with drill-downs on field operations and productivity
  • Vehicle route history and post incident reports to quickly investigate incidents
  • AccuWeather® integration enables office staff to alert crews in the field in case of approaching hazardous weather conditions
  • Complete auditing of order status changes standard and custom reports with time-stamped information for regulatory purposes
  • A component of Clevest Mobile Workforce Management

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Optimized scheduling for utilities

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