COVID-19 Safety Plan Summary

(Last updated September 2020)

Clevest is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and supportive environment to make sure every member of our team has the knowledge, skills, abilities and safe work environment to make a positive difference in the lives of workers and employers in B.C. Like all employers in B.C., Clevest is required to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines the policies, guidelines, and procedures we have put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. We have been developing and adapting our COVID19 response since January 2020.

In developing our response and associated safety plan, our goals are to:

  • Prevent the virus from entering and spreading in our facilities, whether brought in by visitors or employees
  • Protect employees and the public when they interact with each other
  • Adhere to all public health orders and regulatory requirements
  • Support the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees
  • Support managers to lead and manage remote workers

Following guidance from public health experts and our HR & Senior Leadership team, we have put together a COVID-19 Safety Plan which will evolve as the pandemic evolves and as government
regulations and health and safety guidelines change.

Our Plan is focused on our employees, to ensure we have a safe workplace and that our interactions with our stakeholders are conducted in a safe manner. The purpose of this plan is to outline the policies, guidelines, and procedures we have put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. We will continue to reassess and adjust as needed and we will always make the health and well-being of our employees and stakeholders a priority.

Work from home

Beginning March 12, 2020, we strongly encourage all employees to work from home where possible. The office remains open for those who need to come to the office, and Clevest has taken guidance from local authorities to provide a safe work environment during the pandemic.

Health & Safety in the Clevest Office

Employees, Contractors, and Visitors of any kind are not permitted to enter the office if you:

  • Are ill or showing signs of illness
  • Have been in contact with anyone who is ill or is required to quarantine
  • Have tested positive for Covid-19

If you are ill while in the office, even with mild symptoms, please report to First Aid or Human Resources. You will be asked to go home and follow the advice of the local public health authority.

Everyone is required to do their part for health & safety by following public health guidelines around hygiene and physical distancing. Please use the cleaning and disinfecting supplies located throughout the office. Signage is posted around the office with specific guidelines for common areas such as the lunch room. Masks are recommended but not mandatory in the office, unless you are unable to physically distance. Please see reception if you need a mask or gloves, or other cleaning supplies.

Clevest has implemented regular office disinfecting of common areas and high touch surfaces.

Clevest’s response if there is a positive Covid-19 case connected to the office

If you have recently been in the office and subsequently test positive for Covid-19, for the safety of the office, you must inform Human Resources, who will work with the local public health authority to determine next steps, which may involve closing the office, coordinating a full office disinfection, and contacting anyone potentially at risk to advise them to monitor for symptoms.

Mail, deliveries, and courier package

Personal mail and packages should not be sent to the office during the pandemic.

When there is a delivery, physical distance with the delivery personnel must be maintained at all times.

Office Building

Our Landlord, Peterson Group, has specific guidelines with respect to the building, including the foyer, elevators, and washrooms. Please be aware of and follow their requirements.


Travel to customers or work events has been suspended until further notice. If travel is critical, please speak to your Manager.

Similarly, please do not invite guests to the office unless absolutely necessary. This includes interviews for open positions.

All business communication should take place virtually using our business communication tools.

Mental health and Well-being

This can be a stressful time. Please contact Human Resources at to learn more about the resources available, including Clevest’s Employee Assistance Program.

Questions, Comments, or Feedback

Please contact Human Resources at if you have any questions or concerns related to coming into the office or working from home during the pandemic.