Clevest Announces Release 6.1 of its Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Clevest has announced the availability of Release 6.1 of its Mobile Workforce Management and Automated Location software solutions. This release is one of three major releases scheduled for 2018, and delivers new capabilities for our Genesis configuration product (including timesheets, host inquiries and site visit history). Also included in this release are new features for map visualization, analytics and dashboards, cloud hosting and cloud GIS, and AVL hardware enhancements for monitoring driver behavior and engine diagnostics.

Timesheets and other Persistent Forms

  • The Genesis-configurable Shift Registry form has been introduced for an individual worker, capturing key information at the start and end of a shift including vehicle driven, equipment used, odometer readings, and default pay code. The selection of vehicle and equipment can also trigger configurable Vehicle Inspection or Equipment Inspection forms as required to meet the configurable inspection frequency. Digital inspection forms can further eliminate the need for paper, and help improve worker safety by ensuring all pre-trip inspections of vehicles and equipment have been undertaken.
  • Timesheets capture an individual worker’s activities automatically, and then allow the worker to modify their timesheets to adjust working times or add other activities prior to submitting them

Host Inquiry and Site Visit History

  • The Genesis-configurable host inquiry framework allows a mobile user to initiate a host inquiry to a host system, and receive a response. The framework can be configured for order-based host inquiries, which allows the mobile worker to select one or more orders related to the inquiry, as well as other, non-order-based host inquiries The host inquiry framework is leveraged by allowing a worker to retrieve the work history at the same location as one of their assigned orders, providing them with more background and context when performing current work. For example, a mobile worker could arrive at a site to perform a work order and query the host to view the history of other work orders performed at the site. They might be curious why a piece of equipment has been installed a certain way, or if a particular issue has been seen before. By viewing the history at a site these questions can be answered.

WorkBook and Workflow Enhancements

  • Mobile workers can modify some fields of a completed order, according to the configured workflow. For example, a worker can go back and update some fields once they are back in their vehicle out of the rain.
  • Utilities can now replace the standard WorkSpace (office app) and WorkBook (mobile app) user guides with custom user guides, allowing them to include their own business processes
  • A Time for Break notification has been added to WorkBook with an alert to notify a mobile worker when it is time for a break, assisting the utility in complying with government and union regulations

Map Visualization

  • The new Worker Motion Status feature distinguishes and displays a worker’s motion status in WorkSpace as “stationary” vs. “walking” or “driving”

Analytics and Dashboards

  • Dashboards are available for completed vs. outstanding orders, problematic orders, and today’s appointments

Cloud Hosting Capabilities

  • Includes AWS S3 support for storing attachments
  • Provides support for AWS log file and general file storage

Cloud GIS Capabilities

  • ArcGIS Online Portal (eGIS) authentication for WorkSpace and WorkBook to support authentication access to Esri map services via Portal for ArcGIS for utility asset overlay layers
  • ArcGIS Online Portal authentication for Clevest’s Scheduling engine to support authentication via Esri’s Portal for ArcGIS, for street-based routing and travel time calculations

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Hardware Enhancements

  • The Sierra Wireless MP70 Gateway supports engine diagnostics for light and heavy duty trucks
  • The Sierra Wireless MP70 Gateway supports driver behavior reporting, including aggressive braking, acceleration and cornering
  • CalAmp LMU-3035 support for location, engine diagnostics (light duty) and driver behavior


To date, 220 utilities have selected Clevest to manage their field workers, crews and contractors. Combined, the Clevest solution serves 100M+ consumers through 12,000+ mobile workers and 1,200+ dispatchers.

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